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Florida estate planning attorney offering legal solutions that work best for 

your family & your finances.​


Florida Family Planners, Your Legal Solution 

was founded by attorney Lissette Crescimone of sunny South Florida. Attorney Crescimone launched FFP as a response to the antiquated hourly billing models employed by the average law firm. Attorney Crescimone is disrupting current law firm business practices and expanding the access of family related legal services rooted in transparent no-nonsense flat-rate fees.

Florida Family Planners, Your Legal Solution 

seeks to revolutionize how law firms transact with clients and the attainability of legal representation for all. It is our mission to facilitate your legal goals through reasonably priced services that give you the ability to tackle your legal goals at a pace that is financially feasible and responsible for you and your family.







Offering Flat Fee Pricing:

Why Flat Rates work:

Transparency is the key to a successful attorney-client relationship. Our flat-rate pricing structures create incentives for efficiency + expediency on behalf of the attorney, which in turn translates into result driven cases. On the other hand, traditional hourly billing means burdensome retainer costs that do not guarantee that your matter will be resolved within that amount. Every phone call, every e-mail, every minute an attorney spends on your case is religiously billed, narrowing an attorney’s motivation to settle your matter.

What people are saying:

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"Price is what you pay. Value is what you get."

- Warren Buffett

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